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Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld

2006 | Mare | Ponyhoeve Bright Sparkle 912 X Takashi van Berkenbroeck

AW-29852 (1).jpg
AW-29852 (1).jpg


I was selected to ride for team Belgium in the team at the European championschips for ponies. We where super proud. But Sparky had a little injury in the first manche. So we reject here out off competition for the rest off the championship. 


Winning GRAND PRIX 130

Winning my first Pony Grand prix in Belgium.

Thanks Sparky you are insane!

We wanted to thanks @sentowerpark to give a chance to pony riders to ride in such a nice venue.


Double clear nation cup Fontainbleau

Unbelievable experience to ride double clear in my second nations cup! Super happy with a pony like this. There where only 2 double clears. Super proud.


Belgium won the nation cup off Fontainbleau

Super proud to ride in this team with @lauretijskens @merelbraspenning and @iseedoen! Girls on top! 

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