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Robin Vermeir, a 13-year-old equestrian, is making waves in the horse riding world. Let’s explore her journey!

Following the footsteps of her parents, who share their passion for equestrian sports. She’s already making her mark at this young age.

With her determination and early success, we can expect her to continue shining in the equestrian world. 🌟

Keep an eye on this young rider—her journey has only just begun! 🏇


🏆 What a day double champion of Belgium 

Children and pony's 

 Children 🏆  Copacabana of the Paddocks Z 

Pony's 🏆 Extrait de tatowin de tinmont📍 Azelhof!

And our rider @Vic De Plecker and Ilypsho 🏆the championchip for Young riders


🏆 the nations cup for children after  a double clear with Copacabana of the Paddocks Z📍 Sentowerpark!

Thanks to my team mates Ella Bomere, Jerome Denutte and Jitske van den Eynde

What a weekend 📍 Sentowerpark! Diamantina Z 💎 winning 🏆 2 days in a row the 130 CSIU25 class, Ottawa v/h Verbandgoed  🥇 the big tour ponies and Copacabana of the Paddocks Z 🥉 in the 1⭐  Grand Prix 


🌹Copacabana of the Paddocks Z 🥇in the 125 openingsclass of the stallion show. Also a clear round in our first CSI1⭐ GP!

Diamantina 💎 was placed 8th in 130 class on saturday 📍 Sentower 

Ponycriterium 2024

Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🏆 won the overall 120 ponies! Ottawa v/h Verbrandgoed was 🥈 overall😍 📍 Bomaco 

PRO Tour Dec 2023

Copacabana of the Paddocks Z 🏆 the 135 small GP out off 75 combinations. Diamantina Z was also clear and fastest time but the last one down😥 She 🏆 the 130 class the day before. Copa 3 days clear 😍 📍 Peelbergen 

In the 🏆 of Belgium for Children a 🥉 place for Robin and Stb Caramel Z! 📍 Sentowerpark

For the 2nd year in row Robin was selected to ride the European Championships for ponies. She ended up 4th 🍫 🏅 individual 📍 Le Mans 2023

The other ponies jumped amazing 📍 Le Mans 💕 Extrait De Tatowin De Tinmont won the 130 GP😍 and was 🥇and 🥈in the two first days. Otje was 🥈in the GP 💕 and was 🥈on the second day 

First 🏆 in my first 1⭐ Grand Prix with Copacabana Of The Paddocks Z. He was placed everyday 📍 Jumping International Courrière 🦄

Ottawa v/h Verbandgoed 🏆 the Grand Prix 130 for ponies. Extrait De Tatowin De Tinmont 🏆 the 125 Big Tour ponies on the first day 

📍 Jumping International Courrière

What a weekend! 🥳

Robin recently clinched the title of Belgian Champion 2023 🥳 among the scholiers category. Her flawless performance and speed set her apart, earning her the gold medal 🥇 with her stallion Copacabana of the Paddocks Z 🦄

🥈 place for Team Belgium in the Nations 🏆 📍 Compiègne 2023 a double clear 😍 for Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🦄 Teammates Laure Tijskens, Isee Doem and Marthe Louise Dieu 💕

Extrait De Tatowin De Tinmont 🏆 the 130 Pony Grand Prix CSIP 2023 📍 Compiègne 😎

Team Belgium 🏆 the Nations Cup 📍Lamprechtshausen 2023 with her pony Ottawa v/h Verbrandgoed 💕 and her teammates Julie Vanhollebeke - Emiel Duchene and Xander Lambrechts (Otje's first Nations Cup 😎)

Ottawa v/h Verbandgoed 🏆 the Grand Prix 125 CSIP 📍 Sentowerpark 2023

Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🥉 place at the 130 CSIOP Grand Prix 📍 Sentowerpark 2023

In 2022 Robin Came in 🥉 at the 🏆 of Belgium with her pony Extrait De Tatowin De Tinmont 💕

Happy and proud 🤩 that we were selected to go to the European Championships 📍 Strzegom 2022. But unlucky in the first round Sparky got hurt and we had to withdrawn here. 😢 We stayed to support the Belgium team 👏 

Robin 🏆 together with Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🦄 the Pony Grand Prix CSIP 📍 Sentowerpark 2022

Team Belgium became 🥈 in the individual competition of the Nations 🏆

 📍 Zuidwolde. She has put this achievement together with her pony Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🦄. Teammates Merel Braspenning - Laure Tijskens - Isee Doem 💕

In 2022 she was placed 🥉 at the Belgian Championships with her pony Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 📍 Azelhof

In 2022, the Nations 🏆 took place 📍 Fontainbleau. Robin jumped double clear 😍 with her pony Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🦄  Team Belgium 🏆 this competition together with her friends and teammates 💕 Laure Tijskens, Merel Braspenning & Isee Doem and bondscoach Jean Jacques Mathijs

📍 Villers Vicomte Kristal Sparkle van Begeveld 🦄 and Robin 🏆 the 130 GP CSIP 2022

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